The Best Way to Build on a Narrow Lot

With the trend towards higher density living, we are often asked to build a custom home on one of Perth’s many narrow lots. These smaller than average blocks present new challenges, with the primary goal being how to maximise all of the space that is available. Naturally, the first option is to build up and not out to retain as much of the lot for yard space as possible. But a home can also be designed in a way that creates the feel of more space, even if it only has one level.



Increase the Amount of Natural Light

Increasing the amount of light that flows into the home will create the illusion of larger, more open spaces. We have made many of the custom built homes in Perth with French doors and large windows to let more air into the home. Another trick that designers often use to make rooms seem bigger is to decorate with a lot of mirrors. Anything that reflects light around the house will help to create the illusion of being larger.



Open Up the Rooms

Too many walls or other features that close off rooms will cause a cubicle effect. Instead, we can design more open areas in your custom home to give the rooms an airier feel that seems even larger than they really are. Reduce the number of walls and use higher ceilings to give a more spacious feel than boxed in rooms with low ceilings. These options are just some of the advantages of using custom builders to create a personalised house plan.



Add a Balcony

Building a 2 storey home will automatically increase your space. Adding a balcony to the upstairs will increase floor space without cutting into your yard. Save the space downstairs for other things like a swimming pool, play space, or a big garage.



Minimise Your Furniture

Look for pieces that serve multiple purposes to leave more open space. Any furniture that has built-in storage will help. If the need for seating changes regularly, use fold-up chairs that can be kept out of sight until needed. A dining table that has a removable insert and/or fold down sides also offers more flexibility.



Think Quality, Not Quantity

The art to decorating includes knowing when enough is enough. A single piece of art or one piece of ornate glassware will have a more dramatic impact than an entire collection. Even the finer things in life begin to look like clutter when too many are placed in the same area.



Look for Vertical Storage

If added storage space is a must, a narrow cabinet that goes higher on the wall will work better than multiple short chests. Be sure to anchor them appropriately to keep them safe. Another option for a 2 storey home is to have storage built-in beneath the stairs. This minimizes the need for additional furniture and eliminates the dead space that is usually underneath.


A narrow lot doesn’t have to limit the possibilities of what it can be implemented in any home design. Brooks Construction are the custom builders with the skills and expertise to make the best use of any lot in Perth.